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IRS NSW code of conduct

1.          Code of Conduct

Purpose and Scope

1.           The Industrial Relations Society of NSW (IRSNSW) Code of Conduct sets the standard of conduct required of all its members (Members) and guests and applies to all Members and guests when they are attending events or attending to IRSNSW matters, be that in person or by other means such as electronic communications.

2.           The Code of Conduct is designed to enable all Members to feel valued, supported, safe and happy. The Code of Conduct sets out general expectations and standards of behaviour. The Code of Conduct is also intended to provide a framework for non-NSWIRC guests, including speakers and persons who attend events from time to time, as to what is expected of them when they attend an IRSNSW event.


3.           The Code of Conduct requires that, as a member of IRSNSW you must:

·         Act honestly and in good faith at all times;

·         Be respectful and courteous towards all Members, guests and towards any visitor to any IRSNSW event;

·         Be respectful and courteous to anyone who may assist an establishment providing meeting, dining, refreshment or any other facilities for an IRSNSW event;

·         Not bully, harass or display inappropriate behaviours towards others;

·         Not be impaired by alcohol, drugs or any such substance which may put you or others at risk, or of feeling uncomfortable;

·         Disclose, and take reasonable steps to avoid, any conflict of interest (actual, perceived or potential) arising in connection with your membership;

·         Maintain appropriate confidentiality with respect to confidential information that you obtain or generate in connection with your membership as a member of IRSNSW;

·         Not disclose any personal information about other IRSNSW member, or visitors which may be in breach of Australian privacy laws and regulations; and

·         Not act in any ways which bring the IRSNSW’s name into disrepute. 

In complying with the Code of Conduct, Members ensure that they and everyone else has an enjoyable experience and that together they all enhance the reputation of the IRSNSW.

Breach of the Code of Conduct

4.           Failure to abide by this Code of Conduct may impact on your IRSNSW membership.

5.           If a Member has a concern about actual or potential breaches of the Code of Conduct, this concern must be promptly raised with an Executive member of the Committee.

6.           The IRSNSW Committee will have full discretion to review a complaint and make a finding in respect of any breach.

7.           Where a finding of breach is serious enough to warrant consideration of expulsion of a Member, the Committee will take action pursuant to section 11 of the IRSNSW Constitution (2021) or as amended from time to time, including possible expulsion of a member pursuant to section 11(4) of the Constitution.  

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