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Information for Students of Industrial Relations

NSW Industrial Relations Society Industry Placement Program Scholarship

The NSW Industrial Relations Society has joined forces with the University of Sydney Business School and will offer a limited number of placement scholarships in 2021. Each scholarship will be worth A$3000.


Students must have successfully completed a placement as part of the Business School’s Industry Placement Program (IPP) in semester 1 2021

The placement must have been with an organisation nominated by the NSW Industrial Relations Society

Students must provide a reflection (of no more than 1,000 words) outlining their interest in Industrial Relations, and the benefits of completing the placement

Applications must be made within two weeks of completing the placement.

Application Process

Applications should be sent to membership@irsnsw.org.su and headed ‘IRSNSW industry placement scholarship application’.

Students applying for the scholarship should provide:
  • Details of the placement
  • A letter from their placement supervisor confirming the successful completion of the placement
  • Contact details
  • Reflection

Applications will be assessed by the NSW Industrial Relations Society scholarship subcommittee. The final decision will be made by the subcommittee, and the subcommittee is under no obligation to discuss their decision.

  • The scholarship will only be awarded if the scholarship subcommittee considers an application meets the criteria
  • Once the Subcommittee has reviewed and awarded the scholarships the applicants will be notified
  • Successful applicants will be invited to attend a presentation event
  • Successful applicants will receive payment into their nominated bank account
  • Successful applicants will be invited to take part in promotional activities e.g. website and social media 

For further information email: membership@irsnsw.org.au

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