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I am a member of IRS NSW because it is brings together the many strands of the workplace relations community and provides us all with the opportunity to learn from each other"  

Deputy President Booth - Fair Work Commission

I enjoy the collaborative nature of the Society and find the functions to be an incredible learning experience.  I attended last year's annual conference, and was very impressed with the speakers, and am looking forward to the next conference in May.  I encourage other union advocates to join the society. 

Jeane Wells Industrial Officer - NTEU

I am a member of the IRS NSW as I like to stay informed as to the latest in my area of practice. IRS NSW is where business, unions, government and lawyers can meet in a collaborative environment which fosters friendship, the sharing of knowledge and understanding. The social events are always lots of fun and I have made many new friends and contacts.

Justin Le Blond - Special Counsel

Membership of the Society provides a sense of belonging.  Belonging to a group where everyone is passionate about industrial relations.  The educational events are fantastic and great value for money.  The highlight of the social events is the sharing of war stories with other industrial relations practitioners. 

Sharlene Wellard Principal - Meridian Lawyers

I have been a member of the Industrial Relations Society of NSW since 1 January 1991.  However, I have been associated with the Society since about 1974 through the membership of my previous employer, the Master Builders’ Association of NSW.  I have attended all annual conferences, barring a handful, in that time and also other functions arranged by the Society.  I have also been on the Committee for the last two years.  

I have found that membership of the Society invaluable in that it enables IR practitioners not only to keep abreast of, and debate, current and future trends in Industrial Relations, particularly with regard to significant legislative changes, but it also provides an ideal avenue for networking opportunities between IR professionals employed by both employers and unions and lawyers who specialise in the field.

Commissioner I Tabbaa,

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